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... in the dark netherlands exists the Shadow Network - created by Brother Shadow and Bruce Barnett. If you ask around, you might find someone who can tell you how to join.

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Normally, you need to get a member to verify that you have a sincere interest in magic. and ask them to recommend you. But stup mail systems like hotmail insist that there be a URL to process subscriptions. So see how to join

Illusions/Bizarre Magic?

Bizarre magicians, please check out our new Grymoire collection of Bizarre Magic routines available here. It's filled with routines from members of the Shadow Network. Unlike many books of bizarre and/or story-telling magic, this collection includes something for everyone - scary to hilarious. Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.


Well, if you consider your self a master of the occult, I do happen to like Grymoires

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